Well, it was finally time for Claire to begin filming her podcast, beginning with this episode which exposes her and her genetic nephew / uncle / desc...View Details

Consider this episode to be Claire's mediumship reading for John Lewis who just passed away at the ripe old age of 80. It contains all the critical, k...View Details

In this episode, Claire does her best to make public the true life story of her genetic daughter: the well-known actress / model, Vinessa Shaw. Many S...View Details

In this episode, Claire talks about an angelic boy she came across this week at Walmart. The way this 8-year-old's mother abused him in public opens u...View Details

In this raw, emotional episode, Claire describes some of the most horrific details of growing up as the daughter of Zodiac, otherwise known as the Dra...View Details

Claire answers a listener's question in reference to episode 7, THE REAL O.J.: "How did you lose all your documentation to your money?" Of course, in ...View Details

This is the episode in which Claire describes so many details of her own eye witness account of the events surrounding the murders of her brand-new hu...View Details

In this episode, Claire speaks about her caregiving client, Elizabeth, and her introduction to caregiving as a member of the SGI back in the early 199...View Details

In this episode, Claire details her many thoughts about the murder of George Floyd and how it relates to her own experience with law enforcement. Also...View Details

Claire finally speaks about coronavirus in Augusta, Georgia after adding some vital, key points about The Human Revolution and how they relate to her ...View Details

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